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Enping hundred tourist attractions Travel Business Study
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Recently, to participate in the "hundred tour operators, into the Enping" as the theme of the promotion of tourism resources Enping delegates visited the city of Jinjiang Hot Spring, Feng, such as square, Xiema lifts, village and other tourist attractions. It is understood that, in recent years, Enping municipal government with reality, and proposed the "Tourism Vaughan" strategy, so that tourism development has been made Enping, travel constantly improve visibility, Feng such as brand, hot brand, brand and Xiema lifts Village eco-brands such as the four brands has become a loud tourism brand. Villa, rafting, Diaolou, specialty cuisine, MICE Lvyou other developing rapidly in Guangdong and the domestic and international tourism attraction rather, the Pan-Pearl River Delta Yijingchengwei an important destination for tourists traveling the preferred one. By organizing this event, the great charm of Yun Ping Tour saw an opportunity for representatives of the parties and potential, they said that they will travel sector and enterprises and Yun Ping talks, increase investment and cooperation, jointly strengthen and expand tourism Enping industry.