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Provincial Political Consultative Conference "Tourism Development" special inspe
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October 11 to 12, the provincial CPPCC "tourism development" project inspection team and his party, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhu Zhang was the lead, to the city to carry out special inspections. 12 morning, the city held special forums. Li Wei, Vice Mayor, City Vice Chairman Chen Hui, Ji Gangchang other accompanying or attending briefing.

Zhu Zhang was pointed out that the tourism industry is a sunrise industry, for stimulating economic growth, increase income played a significant role. Jiangxi rich tourism resources, in recent years, a good momentum of development of tourism in our province to Jiangxi tourism personnel increases every year, tourism revenues climbed, but it should be noted deficiencies, Jiangxi tourism not only your competitors, but should be more exchanges with foreign multi- comparison; the province's tourism should be considered a game of chess together bigger and stronger, the formation of the province's major travel pattern; around in the preparation of "Twelfth Five-Year" plan should be an important part of their travel, as proposed, scientific planning and rational deployment. Jiujiang set of mountains, river name, the name Lake, in one city, our province is a major tourist city, the development of tourism advantages. At present, Jiujiang to hold fast to the Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone increased opportunities for the national strategy, a clear industry position, straighten out the institutional mechanisms and step up publicity, and carefully build the brand, learn foreign advanced experience and good practices, to promote tourism Rapid Development.

Wei reported the development of tourism in our city, he said, Jiujiang rich tourism resources, cultural heritage thick, Jiujiang adhere to tourism and the "two-zone interaction, strong work Xingcheng" joint development, construction and tourism projects in order to integrate the tourism resources focus, to develop the tourism industry, tourism, the rapid growth of economic indicators.