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Dragon tiger hill is in " Fair of travel of province of the 6th Zhejiang " on wo
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By Zhejiang province tourism bureau is mixed province farming does the 6th sponsorred Zhejiang to save travel Fair and first travel product to sell especially meeting, act was opened in Hangzhou peace international exhibition center on June 22, 2007. Zhejiang saves the visiting Fair such as Zhou Guofu of chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, vice-governor Zhong Shan attends an opening ceremony. Area of scene of dragon tiger hill aims at Zhejiang market, attend actively The Fair of travel of province of the 6th Zhejiang that by bureau of Zhejiang province tourism and Zhejiang province farming does to be sponsorred jointly and first travel product sell especially meeting . Hand in in brigade on the meeting, the assemble of the poll that exhibit a stage of area of scene of hill of Jiangxi dragon tiger is moved, the data is distributed particularly quickly, more than 1000 data is sent one morning, it is especially below dragon Hu Shan's staff member's detailed introduction, citizen of a few Hangzhou compares 3 domestic hind in goods, feeling pleased the travel product that books hill of good dragon tiger in the spot and Hangzhou international travel agent. Staff member of Hangzhou international travel agent says to us, what dragon tiger hill does in the travel conduct propaganda of Hangzhou is bigger and bigger, fame is noisier and noisier, the echo in the citizen is very big, hotline of their travel of dragon tiger hill is very hot, this company predicts to will organize large group with the last ten-day of a month in July on June 30 Lai Longhu hill travels. Titbits: To attract an audience " eyeball " , each ginseng extends use of unit it may be said all over skill: Carry on is promoted exhibit an area " Xian Heng hotel " move into exhibit a stage, the staff member is reincarnate " shop is small 2 " ; Zhou Shan exhibits an area to give priority to amorous feelings of tonal and outstanding island with blue. Exhibit besides distinctive cloth outside, the rice model of the play of only shelf hop-pocket of performance of amorous feelings of beautiful water She nationality, Cang Na, Wen Zhou demonstrates to wait for the spot to reveal exhibit performed an activity to also collect many audiences.
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