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[Star child] make annulus cottage hill travel belt of recreational agriculture s
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Make to cooperate 9 rivers municipal Party committee, municipal government actively " culture travel resort " development strategy, accelerate annulus cottage hill to travel recreational culture landscape takes construction, stimulative star child travel is recreational culture enterprise develops, star child the county makes put forth effort annulus cottage hill travel belt of recreational agriculture sightseeing.

This county according to " the thread that link a drop, become even the line piece " development train of thought, insist to give priority to body with village of along the line of annulus hill highway, take with 4 big agriculture industries (watermelon of flowers of early pear, nursery stock, mountain pass, aquiculture) construction is engine, drive travel recreational sightseeing agriculture heads development. Dialogue deer, hot spring, Ze Quan, east the partial hillside of 46 natural village inside area under administration of field of bull mountain forest has measurable development, 10 thousand mus early pear builds to take inside 2 years; In Ze Quan and Gui Zongji 11 villages near the town cultivate nursery stock painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style 3000 mus, build town of flowers of characteristic nursery stock; Rely on mountain villa and advantage of water natural resources, area of development breed aquatics 5000 mus, form village of village of Bai Luxiu peak, hot spring mountain pass, Ze Quan the aquiculture industry belt of Tu Shan village; In town of edge hot spring 105 country two side are whole grow watermelon, attain 10 thousand mus of scale, build mountain pass village base of 10 thousand mus of watermelon; Develop energetically " farmhouse is happy " , 5 lis of villages that develop along the line of annulus hill highway mainly, beautiful peak village, board 6 administrative village such as village 28 natural villages, to 2010, "Farmhouse is happy " development goes to 200. Pass integrated resource, integrated development, whole to advance, form be in harmony to lie fallow go vacationing, fruit tradition of meal of sightseeing of picked, agriculture, farmhouse, country works to lie fallow at the travel of an organic whole sightseeing agriculture belt. (city of Wei Shengfeng Liu)