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Lai Xunqia of domestic journey business talks about travel charter flight
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On November 3, delegate of company of charter flight of many 30 when come from home famous travel agent, travel gathers together waterside city, negotiate with the our city matters concerned of travel charter flight. The our city expects to strengthen as peddling as domestic stay away from home cooperation, make next year travel charter flight amounts to 200 sortie, the traffic that escalates our city travel further enclothes the actual strength of face and travel economy.

This year on October 4, 100 passengers that by Shandong Jiahuawen changes international travel agent to organize take a plane to touch waterside travel, the beginning of charter flight of travel of first our city. The our city is active outside bring inside couplet, development aviation travels. This, the our city invited Shandong Jia Huawen to change aviation of tourism of the travel in aviation of force of nation of phoenix of international travel agent, Liaoning, age, Jiangsu to serve city of company, Shenzhen roc the manager of the famous journey business such as company of Kang Hui journey, the charter flight of 9 rivers travel that attends to be sponsorred by municipal government negotiates meeting. The our city recommended the travel resource of 9 rivers to each big journey business, how to begin business of travel charter flight to spread out discuss. Subsequently, everybody heads for airport of hill of 9 rivers cottage and cottage hill beauty spot to make an on-the-spot investigation.

That day afternoon, 8 stay away from home of our city and home are peddling (company of travel charter flight) signed agreement of intent of collaboration of travel charter flight. It is reported, to attract business of charter flight of domestic travel agent, travel, the our city published a few privilege to reward policy, every fall one sortie will offer favourable award policy, every fall one sortie will give viatic business certain award, tourist of organization of company of travel charter flight heads for cottage hill, star child the place such as sea of Shanxi of hot spring, cottage travels, also will enjoy policy of advantageous privilege of scene area entrance ticket.

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