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2007 " 11 " golden week travel recieves working summary
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This year " 11 " travel golden week, according to country, province holiday travel coordinates the requirement of the deploy of the conference and municipal Party committee, municipal government, each district, departmental door and each travel are enterprise or business the unit prepares meticulously, firm is caught fulfil, sincere letter is managed, recieve enthusiasticly, achieved safe, order, quality, beneficial result smoothly " 4 unified " expect an end. According to statistic, fromOn October 1To 7 days, whole town welcomes a visitor in all 882 thousand person-time, grow 20.5 % compared to the same period than last year; Travel gross earnings 460 million yuan of RMBs, grow 22.7% compared to the same period. "11 " during the golden week. Travel market is well-ordered, did not produce any travel safety accidents, realize travel to serve quality once more 0 complain.

One, " 11 " analysis of market of golden week travel

Our city of make a comprehensive view 2007 " 11 " market of golden week travel, with compare before, basically appear the following 4 big characteristics:

1. tourist is formed improve greatly. Take seriously in the height of municipal Party committee, municipal government and support energetically below, the joint efforts of bureau of tourism of city of management board of hill of bureau of classics city tourism, cottage, Jinan and travel agent, On October 4, on schedul of charter flight of the first travel arrives at our city throughout history airport of hill of 9 rivers cottage, become this year " 11 " the largest window of the golden week. "11 " during the golden week, the our city recieves travel special train 3, you Lun 14, among them the You Lun that Euramerican tourist takes has 4. These adumbrative moves will waterside the change of the tourist that makes occurrent move pledge, economy of 9 rivers travel will enter more healthy and fast development track.

Dot of area of 2. main condition recieves a tourist to rise considerably. This year first half of the year, tourism bureau and cottage hill management board began city to be collected publicly respectively choose " 10 scene of 9 rivers " and " cottage hill 10 scene " activity, what promoted 9 rivers culture travel brand further is famous spend and beautiful praise degree, the brand effect of area of each travel scene gets be revealinged further, "11 " during the golden week, our city each are main if tourist of tourist attraction of each scene area is knitted, festal atmosphere is grumous. Among them hot spring of hill of cottage hill, cottage Shanxi sea, cottage welcomes a visitor respectively one hundred and sixty-five thousand eight hundred person-time, one hundred and twenty-three thousand nine hundred and sixty person-time, seventy-nine thousand seven hundred person-time, grow 43% respectively compared to the same period, 31.31% , 55.8% ; Realize entrance ticket income respectively twelve million and ninety-seven thousand two hundred yuan, 6.198 million yuan, three million nine hundred and ninety-four thousand one hundred yuan, grow 65% respectively compared to the same period, 32% , 51.9% . Accumulative total of dot of area of 7 main situation of whole town welcomes a visitor four hundred and forty-two thousand six hundred and ten person-time, grow 44 % compared to the same period; Entrance ticket income twenty-five million six hundred and fifty-one thousand three hundred yuan, grow 44 % compared to the same period.
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