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Nanchang red travel is followed " July 1 " advent warms up
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As " July 1 " draw near, gules travel makes the attention central point of travel market, number comparing added person of go on a journey at ordinary times 30% the left and right sides. Yesterday, the reporter understands from market of our city travel, compare with photograph of in former years, the gules travel circuitry this year becomes more rich, person enrages content more exuberant, wait for groovy red except the Jinggang Mountains, Ruijin, Shaoshan besides circuit, "7.1 use feeling car a group of things with common features " , " Yan'an, the brigade of Xi'an red " , " gules brigade the Jinggang Mountains -- city of another name for Jiangxi Province -- beautiful closes to drive oneself swim " wait for travel product to add window for gules travel frequency.

"Recently, the person that will book gules travel product is particularly much. End at present, we had stopped 100 much people, join the gules force such as the Jinggang Mountains July 1, Ruijin. " force of nation of Jiangxi Kang Hui says about chief. The reporter understands, below the case that goes hot ceaselessly in gules travel, in short distance, journey 3 days of gules travel line in are most popular. These travel products basically are centered in the Jinggang Mountains, Ruijin, and other places that install a source. In addition, the Shaoshan outside the province, fine promote, Yan'an and other places also is this year the area of scene of popular and gules travel of thrust of numerous travel agent.

In the meantime, carry the 6th times greatly as railroad fast carry out, railroad whole traversal speed rises substantially, offerred more advantageous condition for a travel of gules travel special train. For this, I save travel department and clasp of department of the other travel that visit town, developed a series of collect to lie fallow the gules travel new breed that visits as traditional as revolution education to be an organic whole, especially on June 15, opened two times of Shanghai of travel to travel to red of the Jinggang Mountains on June 22 special train, will enlightened on July 1 " Nanchang -- Changsha -- Shaoshan goes there and back 3 days swim " wait for special railway line of gules travel special train, the sweep on travel market is saved in me a gules tornado.

In the visitor that enters gules travel give priority to with organization of office unit, society, student. To pull close with the distance between the tourist, I save area of scene of a few gules travel, tourist attraction to still be used in succession " historical scene emersion " means will make tourist " be personally on the scene " the ground experiences gules feelings. In addition, some tourist attractions return have the aid of " green " , " culture " wait for an element to abound gules travel connotation, make gules travel just sees a picture no longer exhibition, visit great person former residence. (Huang Huan of Chen Yuan's reporter)

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