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Provincial scenery scenic spot the area repairs stone forest of water county Don
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Spring in March, fragrant humble full garden. Pick up stage by stage as air temperature, be located in the county that repair water the 4 provincial sceneries that press down scenic spot area -- area of scene of Dong Ling stone forest also experienced thick the awaken of spring. The peach inside scene area, pear tree is in spring below the illuminate of day, also blossom eagerly contend for beautiful. Walk into scene area gate, eyeful is red peach blossom, white pear is beautiful, in the canal between rambling Yu Lin, can feel a kind of light fragrance tangy and come.

March is the good time that admire the beauty of flowers, since peach blossom of mountain stone forest blooms east, attracted many tourist to come round to view and admire, fastigium everyday the tourist reachs 3000 much people. In the tourist not only have long water this prefectural person, also have a large number of coming from Wu Ning always repairs and other places; Silver hair grows the old man of the beard, also have toddle young child. Their some watchs stone forest, some to admire peach blossom, from time to time is in go for a walk in the country in spring of Lin Zhongman pace, from time to time takes a picture eagerly again, be lost in to the top of one's bent in nature, dong Ling's landscape left the mirth of tourist everywhere.

According to not complete count, scene area already welcomed a visitor now since this year 20 thousand much person, hopeful annual recieves a tourist to break through 60 thousand National People's Congress closes.