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Spring Festival golden week ended satisfactorily 2008
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According to country, province holiday travel coordinates the requirement of the deploy of the conference and municipal Party committee, municipal government, spring Festival gold is periodic 2008, each district, departmental door and each travel are enterprise or business consciousness of unit aggrandizement safety, make clear safe responsibility, prepare meticulously, manage strictly, recieve enthusiasticly, remove the adverse effect that calamity of ice and snow causes hard, ensured entire industry stops without tourism group during the golden week, without travel safety accident, recieve without travel complain, built happy and auspicious festival atmosphere, achieved the main job goal that the holiday travels satisfactorily. As a result of the reason of calamity of ice and snow, reception of the golden week person-time and travel income fall somewhat, according to statistic, spring Festival golden week 7 days, whole town welcomes a visitor in all 227 thousand person-time, implementation travel income 60 million yuan of RMBs, tourist number and dropped compared to the same period last year 19.5% , travel income and dropped compared to the same period last year 15.5% .

Get as a result of working deploy early, measure is capable, during Spring Festival golden week, although whole town stay away from home is processional the loss that course of study suffers disaster is very big, but did not produce travel to the group stops and travel the circumstance of safe accident. Make a comprehensive view 2008 Spring Festival golden week, present the following characteristics: It is safety of travel of attention of height of leaders of all levels and service quality. During the festival, the ranking leader such as national tourism bureau, province tourism bureau and municipal government visits area of our city main condition to check directive work, to ensuring the tourist is safe kimono Wu quality undertakes specific deploy. 2 because of,be climate reason, long-range tourist and drive oneself the tourist decreases considerably. 3 it is winter of cottage hill hot spring swims advantage protruding shows. Because weather is cold, tourist attraction of main condition area gets the share weather influence suspends welcoming a visitor, chang Huo of hot spring You Yi explodes, cottage hill hot spring swims to gain revolutionary headway again. Spring Festival golden week cottage hill hot spring adds up to welcome a visitor seventy-seven thousand one hundred person-time, grow 29.1 % compared to the same period, entrance ticket income 4.676 million yuan, grow 27.3 % compared to the same period. 4 it is the effect that suffers weather of calamity of ice and snow, although give the travel that scene area travels each during Spring Festival golden week this year to recieved the job to increase difficulty, but the ability that shows calamity of nature of beat back of group of 9 rivers tourism, appropriate adequately also to finish travel to welcome the job.
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