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My county holds travel to lead group work meeting
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On March 19 afternoon, xiong Ying of group leader of group of leader of job of travel of trade of vice secretary of county Party committee, county in county Party committee 3 buildings assembly room is chaired hold prefectural travel to lead group work meeting, unit of the member that prefectural travel leads small composition in all 25 people attend the meeting.

The conference listened to prefectural tourism bureau to the job was summed up 2007 and worked 2008 the report of train of thought, undertook attempering to travel priority discipline, discussed the key travel job this year, travel cadre of special financing use plan, travel grooms the item such as class and key propaganda.

Conference requirement, the travel this year works, essential buckle a project to build year this theme, it is a center with the project on capital attraction, strive for 1-2 the 100 million yuan of above, item that can produce beneficial result. Office of group of leader of prefectural trade travel should come on stage to worked 2008 as soon as possible train of thought. Want to gain the support of concerned branch, make my county travel develop the favourable policy of capital attraction as soon as possible.