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With the announce of advanced individual
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According to deploy of municipal government of municipal Party committee, On May 16In the morning, system of whole town travel was held assist Sichuan earthquake disaster area to donate a ceremony, the unit such as motorcade of shopping market of dot of area of scene of restaurant of class of star of 39 53 travel agent of whole town, travel, part, travel, travel and many 200 tourist guide attended to donate an activity this.

Travel system each unit and worker of wide large cadre are carried on " one party has difficult, all directions to assist " spirit, in succession help sb generously with money, eagerly contribution, add up to contribution two hundred and sixty-four thousand six hundred and ninety-six yuan. Via city tourism bureau leading Party group considers to decide, undertake praising to the advanced unit of the emerge in large numbers in this activity and advanced individual, announcement is as follows:

One, advanced unit.

Far continent international big public house, Xin sincere peaceful of hotel of big public house, travel agent of 9 rivers China, medium shot holiday, blessing 118, travel agent of liaison man of mountain of international of horse of day of holiday of Bai Lu guesthouse, gold, 9 rivers, cottage, its person big public house, 9 rivers.

2, advanced individual

Duan Zhiwei, Yang Wei, Zhang Bin, Huang Xuhui, Kuang Jie, Zhang Shenglin, Lei Yi.

Hope collectivity travel is mixed to the advanced unit that is praised from personnel of course of study individual study, develop the aseismatic drive providing disaster relief of unity is strength energetically, boost disaster area actively, people of help disaster area is obtained aseismatic the last victory that provide disaster relief!