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9 rivers 10 view are general show
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What turn travel brand to promote 9 rivers article is famous spend and beautiful praise degree, tourism bureau began 9 river city to be collected publicly choose " 9 rivers 10 scene and name " activity, cottage hill management board was begun " cottage hill 10 scene " choose the job. Will center each respect opinion to suggest to form now " 9 rivers 10 scene and name " and " cottage hill 10 scene " fair show as follows:

One, 9 rivers 10 scene

1.Waterside Yang Gucheng: Chun Jiang lute, water of pleasant Tang smoke, river of tower shadow lock, waterside Yang Minglou, sukhavati ancestor temple, building of beautiful inspire confidence in sb, legend billow well.

2.Hill of cottage of cloud and mist: China's only world culture landscape, the world builds museum, china the first arboretum -- the world of Kuang Luji beautiful shell.

3.Dream on the west the sea: Comely and clinking the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, cultivate one's morality raises terrestrial heaven of the gender.

4.Cottage hill hot spring: Changjiang Delta the first hot spring, recreational holiday resort.

5.Stone bell verve: Lake of Po of the Yangtse River is natural key, ghost axe Nature's engineering bell of the first god.

6.Dragon palace elfland: Beijing 9 along the line the first cave, changjiang Delta is the most beautiful subterranean dragon palace.

7.Ethereal cloud resides: World buddhist builds a center, contemporary China Buddhist cacique is born the ground.

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