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Cottage hill swims 2 days
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Travel agent: Netizen of travel agent of horse of 9 rivers day judges graded: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Circuitry of 2007-6-27 is described " fly flow to issue 3000 rule continuously " , "The horizontal stroke regards as mountain side becomes a peak " without do not tick off a common people to be opposite the infinite daydream of cottage hill. By ancient up to now, the strange show of cottage hill blends in the breath at bookman already, soak in simple and honest history. A such renown hill, because of infuse the blood of culture and steep added a few minutes of intelligence of animals, a few minutes of romance; A such renown hill, be accumulated because of the history of massiness and show how much vicissitudes of life fully, how much mystery; A such renown hill, need a person with high aspirations and determination to listen attentively to more, go comprehending. . . . This circuitry lets you open mist to vacate in the cloud, cottage hill view all is seen in seeming a powerful and unconstrained style. Circuit is formed Tariff forms a delegation type price (yuan / person) member number sends round time to come loose the guest spells round 390 50 to served a standard at 9 o'clock every morning 1, if encounter manpower to cannot defy what the element causes to visit a tourist attraction to decrease,excuse please unexpectedly, this company does not assume any responsibility, the journey can be adjusted according to actual condition early or late order, but do not reduce a tourist attraction. 2, arrangement tourist guide receives a station, the guest identifies the brand that receive a station 9 rivers urban district decides a dot to receive send: 7: Medium shot of 30 9 rivers east building hotel entrance (50 meters go before railway station exit) 3, be arrived at ahead of schedule like the tourist or defer leaves 9 rivers, my company can take the place of book 9 rivers room. Hill of charge detail cottage one late standard lodges (contain hot water, color television, defend alone) ; Bus of travel of whole journey air conditioning; Ticket of gate of path of tourist attraction head (provide for oneself except) ; Excellent guidebook serves whole journey; Danger of travel agent responsibility; Whole journey have dinner provides for oneself oh; travel and person accident insurance; The individual consumes journey remarks freely