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Cottage hill Nanchang drives oneself circuit
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Travel agent: Jiangxi saves grade of assess of netizen of travel agent of cottage hill white cloud: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Description of circuitry of 2007-8-7 1 is roundtrip with Nanchang cottage hill between drive oneself travel circuitry forms the first day to multiply Che Fujiang early Xi Jiujiang (about 7 - Cheng of 8 hours of cars) , reach the world of strange beautiful shell afternoon -- cottage hill (135) , wicket wicket of door of garden of my company tourist guide receives a group, arrange dinner Su Lushan

If musical instrument lake is beautiful,visit after breakfast hind the following day tablet of hole of cereal of marvellous spectacle of park of color, beautiful diameter, crossover, samite, perilous peak, celestial being, drive wells balanced, the site of cottage hill meeting, Bao Shutang, story that listens attentively to old villa (provide for oneself) , the 3 treasure 1600 are cultivated

The mouth that contain Po, Yang Hu that watch Po is visited after the 3rd day of breakfast, can multiply cableway of the mouth that contain Po to visit area of big chute scene (provide for oneself) , overlook 5 old peaks (call cacique the peak again) , the hill that watch cottage is the grandest 3 fold, the car goes to Nanchang old Nanchang

Teng Wangge is visited after the 4th day of breakfast (50) , tower of gold of 81 uprise square, rope civilian cereal a street, tourist guide Nanchang sends a group, the end is happy and itinerary, return warm home
Tariff forms a delegation type price (yuan / person) round time of member number hair is initiative form a delegation 0 50 sends a group for a long time to serve a standard traffic of ◆ of detail of charge of service of outstanding and professional tourist guide: Form a delegation trailer coach of company provide for oneself