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The brigade of culture of famous city of lake of name of water of renown hill na
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Travel agent: Netizen of black travel agent judges graded in 9 rivers: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Circuitry of 2007-8-7 1 describes the force of culture of famous city of lake of name of water of renown hill name
Nanchang the Jinggang Mountains characteristic of Jingdezhen of hill of bell of cottage hill stone swims 5 days
Circuit is formed Tariff forms a delegation type price (yuan / person) member number sends round time to come loose the guest forms a delegation 1120 100 sends a group for a long time to serve a standard to contain above tourist attraction caravan of the first entrance ticket, air conditioning, 4 early 9 prandial (1 desk of 10 people, 8 dish 1 soup) , accommodation of standard of excellent guidebook service, SamSung does not contain return train ticket and service cost, everything provides for oneself project and cableway charge detail 1, this price is smooth season price, in weak, busy season my company will be made to the price adjust appropriately.
2, my company has Jiangxi additionally circuitry of other high-quality goods swims, and my company can ask according to the client design line, above journey offers reference only.
3, the ticket presses train ticket going there and back actual fare settle accounts, lie forcedly the service expends 30 yuan piece
4, child rate: Full 1.2 meters of above, collect fees by the adult. The child below 1.2 meters of in order to collection food expenses, do not provide place of car of hotel bed, traffic, its parade in brigade the place in Cheng produces charge to all provide for oneself.
Journey remarks: Mountain-climbing note: The climber with weaker constitution, in the activity of mountain-climbing, as a result of the activity acuteness, physical strength has been used up big, fail to complement in time especially moisture of the losing inside body and saline time-sharing, incidental heat faints. The main symptom expression that heat faints is: The feeling is dog-tired, irritating however, have a headache, dizzy or disgusting. Complexion is cadaverous. The skin feels wet cold. Breath is fast and not deep, pulse is fast and weak. The likelihood accompanies the jerk that has lower limbs and abdomen. Temperature keeps normal or drop. Faint to avoid to produce heat, the climber with a few weaker constitutions, special attention answers to avoid physical strength to had used up big activity in the activity that entering summertime mountain-climbing, cannot rest rhythm, retain physical power. Answer to drink a few water that contain saline portion or beverage more. Although be opposite,the electrolyte loss inside body gives complement. Once produce heat to faint, should move the patient as soon as possible to shady and cool place. If patient consciousness is sober, should let its drink a few cool boiled water slowly. If the patient perspires in great quantities, or jerky, diarrhoea, vomiting, salt should be added in water drinkable (every liter one teaspoon) . If the patient already lost consciousness, should let its prone position lay down, till,rest adequately semiotic slow down, send a hospital to undertake handling next. Book notice related picture
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