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"Hill of name of view world culture, taste the world the first spring " characte
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Travel agent: Netizen of black travel agent judges graded in 9 rivers: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Circuitry of 2007-8-7 1 is described " hill of alias of view world article, taste the world the first spring " characteristic of source of cottage hill, peach blossom 3 date swim circuit is formed Tariff forms a delegation type price (yuan / person) member number sends round time to come loose the guest forms a delegation 458 100 sends a group for a long time to serve car of standard travel air conditioning detail of charge of service of tourist guide of roundtrip, whole journey includes 2 stars standard to lodge, journey place lists risk of responsibility of food expenses, travel agent. Charge does not contain cableway to provide for oneself, travel person accident provides for oneself nearly. Journey remarks 1, change of the weather on hill is very sharp, ask equipment good rain gear.
2, enter scene area to want to trade vehicle of young liaison man, car of young liaison man is flow, ask everybody to coordinate tourist guide work, especially on the weekend, cottage hill person is particularly much. Can appear wait phenomenon, understand please.
3, cottage hill does not produce pron any thing, eating thing goes up from the carry below hill, taste respect may have incommensurate place, forgive please.
4, consume for nothing obviously, in the consumption in hill, talk about good value to be consumed again first, lest pose needless conflict. Go out outer, climate fantasticality, ask the umbrella on best belt or raincoat.