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Wu source swims 2 days
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Travel agent: Netizen of travel agent of horse of 9 rivers day judges graded: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Circuitry of 2007-6-27 describes Wu source, tenderness is picturesque, send out a light nostalgic, green hill and field are enmeshed in the dawn like gauze, auroral Yun Duo is silent in clear brook water stream drip. A flock of snow-white ducks had swum, sway piece grow long ripple. The hill over there is not tall, rise and fall faintly, tender ground has the village in the bosom; The water over there is not deep, chan Chan ground pours out of a valley, meandering ground is surrounding village Guo; The villatic A over there, small and halcyon, 100 come to a family strewn at random have send the ground to distributing in brook water edge, white wall ash is made of baked clay, fold heavily, inverted image is picturesque, in the elapse of day color, just like a light nostalgic. And that slowly has flowed years, it is one lets person low hesitating more unceasingly poem... 9 rivers, the old and beautiful city with a long history, ancient say to waterside in relief, chai Sang. Ancient books says 9 rivers " the mouth that occupies 3 rivers, when 4 Da Zhiqu " , part of 7 provinces be connected to, merchant comes, also be our country latter-day " 4 rice city " and " city of 3 big tea " one of. Was judged to be 2004 " city of Chinese glamour travel " later, this kind small town is to appearing her unique flavor more. This circuitry can make you sufficient understand light of north wind of another name for Jiangxi Province and rustic amorous feelings, the fun of the life is enjoyed in travel, suit the person that old person and recreational travel go vacationing particularly. Circuit is formed Tariff forms a delegation type price (yuan / person) member number sends round time to come loose the guest spells round 320 100 every week 3, 6 hair group serves a standard 1, if encounter manpower to cannot defy what the element causes to visit a tourist attraction to decrease,excuse please unexpectedly, this company does not assume any responsibility, the journey can be adjusted according to actual condition early or late order, but do not reduce a tourist attraction. 2, arrangement tourist guide receives a station, the guest identifies the brand that receive a station 9 rivers urban district can decide a dot to receive send: 7: 30 3, be arrived at ahead of schedule like the tourist or defer leaves 9 rivers, my company can take the place of book 9 rivers room.