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Nanchang - dragon tiger hill - 3 clear hill swim 4 days
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Travel agent: Hill of 9 rivers cottage is round-the-world grade of assess of travel agent netizen: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Circuitry of 2007-8-11 describes Nanchang - dragon tiger hill - 3 clear hill swim 4 days circuit forms D1: Nanchang stands or the airport receives a group, go to element to have " immortal place, terrestrial blessing ground " praise birthplace of our country Taoism -- Long Hu hill. The novel that visits Shi Naian the wording and purpose of what one writes " Shui Hu is passed " in the first " Zhang Tian division prays pestilential, Hong Taiwei takes evil spirit by accident " go up clear Shi Dian of government office of division of ancient town, day, day. Boat balsa visits celestial being Shui Yan is panoramic. View " gratifying is met, inexpressible " the world scene of a special skill " be ashamed female cliff " , the beautiful scenery on water " 10 must not " , strange village does not have midge village " reach Chinese a special skill -- grave of cliff of age the Warring States group, view and admire constellation of the performance that imagine a house: Accipitral pool
D2: Go to early by trailer coach " Changjiang Delta peak of the first celestial being, the world is incomparable blessing ground " 3 clear hill, the hill on cableway, admire the Hua Bing with celestial being wispy footprint, celestial being on the way simian Mu Niu, conceal beautiful, nature exceptionally Men Qunfeng, avalokitesvara admires a constellation: 3 clear hill
D3: Visit see scene the Si Chunnv look that sees interesting, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, python gives hill, fox to gnaw chicken, Taoist priest to do obeisance to Long Husong of month, god. Old: Go up forgive
D4: Go to early by trailer coach 81 vexillary the place that rises -- Nanchang, visit memorial hall of 81 square, 81 uprise, changjiang Delta one of 3 names buildings Teng Wangge and triumphal way shopping mall. Nanchang sends a group
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