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Hot spring of bay of beautiful peak dragon swims one day
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Travel agent: Netizen of travel agent of 9 rivers age judges graded: The frequency that browse: 0 adds time: Hot spring of bay of dragon of beautiful peak of description of circuitry of 2007-8-7 1 swims one day circuit is formed 9 rivers or Nanchang receive a group in the morning, go to star of 9 rivers city by BUS child county, visit possess: Does Jiao of rare ⑸ of Jiao of waterlogged expostulate with of  of abstruse  street show pay of reed of show off of drought of Dan of male Zhui of frequency of Lai of our  of Sui of Zhui of  waterlogged attentively does ⒃ of  of  of ⒂ of umbrella of nucleus of moss of ⒙ of otter of  of carbonyl of turn up soil of Jiao Ning ⒐ sweep past ×  fourth ⒛ to consider Lian of  ⑹  ぁ ?

The bit enjoys after Chinese meal afternoon child area of hot spring of open air of gardens of type of day of hot spring of day wash one's hair: Pool of pool of hot spring of spring of Ming Quan of Po Yang Chi, deep, United States age, chute, flowers and plants, high temperature pool, hubble-bubble pool, apricot forest, clever spring wait or hot spring of You Long bay, visit a cost the Eden on the large water of 80 million: Those who introduce international popularity move hydrotherapy of bath of arena of the amorous feelings on the water that motion, having a unique style lies fallow on feeling water, Chinese traditional medicine, hot spring house, so-called " China the first " pool of surf of the hot spring on large water, provide the aftertaste alone, return warm home!
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