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Goods of 9 rivers eider down
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Goods of 9 rivers eider down

In river of section chief of 9 rivers ground downstream, freely of churchyard river river, cloth of lake pond chess, masses has the habit that feeds goose, duck, feather is consequently resourceful, produce one of divisions for emphasis of product of countrywide feather, eider down.
The manufacturer of production of eider down goods of 9 rivers is numerous, the product has 8 kinds big, more than 200 design, blame with " duck duck card " hold the belt of eider down goods. Its charge for the making of sth. observes and study, design is unique, colour is gorgeous, famed China and foreign countries. Produce per year, sell as far as to more than 30 countries and area, it is the main base that national foreign trade nods production, treatment to export eider down product surely.
1989 " duck duck card " eider down is taken be chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gift, give the group of Russia president Mikhail Gorbachev at that time. In June 1990, beijing holds found a state 40 years on exposition of woman articles for daily use, "Duck duck card " eider down goods wins a gold prize.