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Long water (Piao is like) child
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Praise the long water of north of full another name for Jiangxi Province (Piao is like) child

Long water (Piao is like) child it is the county that repair water the delicate food of a kind of tradition is long already and rich characteristic. Every thinks beautiful food to the person all without exception that repairs water (Piao is like) child, and the hospitable person that repair water constant with (Piao is like) child cate comes the visitor that the ceremony entertains him. If personally is tasted,pass only (Piao is like) child person, all without exception is its skin tender, stuffing is sweet, tastily and praise incessant.
(Piao is like) child, already became long water the excellent food of gust of the richest place. Why say for " (Piao is like) child " ? Speak of its source, still stay in the masses that repair water spreading a paragraph of very good a much-told story. Times of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of summer of according to legend, repair hair of waterfall of water district mountain torrents, farm, village is destroyed, crop grain is not had close, the farmer relies on to go up wild fruit of Shan Caiye dish makes a living. Big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty repairs water after, constituent masses has administered flood. Local masses appreciates the contribution of big Yu Zhishui and kindness very, can not take again in that hungry calamity month give good thing to come consecration. During everybody thinks of prevent floods by water control, how many day day night, big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty and masses an arduous prevent floods by water control, full meal had not eaten even food, it is compunctious very. Face hill tall Lin Mi at that time, an old farmer puts forward, the hill on everybody does bit of game to be see sb off of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, express intention slightly. At it is everybody after discussing, send the hill on the person to dig wild sweet potato at the same time, send a person to hit a beast at the same time. such dig the wild sweet potato that come to thoroughly cook make it leather, cut beast flesh stuffing child, the bag becomes a kind of food, the needle on the appearance plays a circle, entitle (Piao is like) child, big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is acted according to on. After big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty and everybody eat, feel taste is very good, long water person can do evermore to also love to eat (Piao is like) child, since ancient times up to now, acting acting according to legend, and do more delicious more, become a special skill of the food that repair water. Now every time on holidays, kiss friend come-and-go, great and festival, the person that repair water perhaps (Piao is like) child, congratulate in order to show and entertainment kisses friend. Nevertheless at this late hour repairs what water person eats already was to use what wild sweet potato and beast flesh do no longer (Piao is like) child, as standard of living rise, (Piao is like) child with makings is more and more exquisite also, in make also blew hard to improve greatly.
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