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Decoct piles
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9 rivers special local product -- decoct piles

Caboodle of 9 rivers decoct is Nanhai the traditional special local product that 9 rivers press down. "Decoct piles " ever was become " busy piles " , tang Chao period already was regarded as the food in palace. Qing Chaoshi, zou Bianna of 9 rivers person reforms decoct to pile the craft that make, reform and become " old fry in shallow oil of 9 rivers crisp skin piles " very welcome, gain ground in folk make. 20 century 30 time is prime, caboodle already exported 9 river decoct to reach southeast Asia and America each district to area of HongKong and Macow, with 9 Jiang Shuangzheng, fish the flower is known as together " 9 rivers 3 treasure " . 1986, caboodle of 9 rivers decoct is enrolled " Chinese name local speciality dictionary " .