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Repair water chrysanthemum tea
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Repair water chrysanthemum tea

Jiangxi repairs water, belong to the countryside of well-known tea, ning Gong, Shuang Jingjiu enjoys great reputation. Stannum of article of Tang Dynasty wool " tea chart " carry: "Big city double Jing Baiya, make extremely essence of life. " in relief Xiu Zanzhi of Europe of the Song Dynasty says: "On the west stone of Jiang Shuiqing river is old, unripe tea is like phoenix claw on stone. " Huang Tingjian carries tea to enter capital, make double well sensation thes capital of a country suddenly. And long water still has tea of another kind of chrysanthemum little-known all the time however. 

"Need the day that weigh this world, still come with respect to chrysanthemum. " called chrysanthemum month in September, the day that weigh this world calls chrysanthemum red-letter day. Countryside common this day, set chrysanthemum banquet, order chrysanthemum tube, drink chrysanthemum tea, sleep chrysanthemum pillow, but 100 disease are not unripe, immortal not old. Visible chrysanthemum enters tea origin early already, clear and bright has a poem to say like that: "9 days of hill are monasterial, hedge chrysanthemum also fizzles out east. Laic much extensive wine, whose solution aids tea sweet. " of Liu Yu " idle chants " the cloud: "Mai Ju wears liver mosses to plant, bosom tea with respect to well decoct. " Chinese fierce Di Huaiju has fragrant, jin Taoyuan bright love chrysanthemum alone, a few are born below chrysanthemum Yu Dongli honest, a few long great-hearted, buy a few open interests, much share is natural. Chrysanthemum and photograph of tea photograph beneficial are aided, elegant clean faint scent; Chrysanthemum sex and tea path photograph kiss photograph be in harmony, honest and warmth. 

The scented tea that make chrysanthemum quite part is exquisite, spice also extremely fastidious. 89 pick between the month Xin Ju, go its spend the base of a fruit, wash insolation, salt is made; skin of ginger, turnip, tangerine fine battlements becomes man, also salt is made, ginger, turnip still needs insolation, so that keep in storage. Mix likewise the soya bean that gets delicious in order to fry, earthnut, sesame seed, grain of rice, still have Chinese prickly ash. End of a cup of tea comes up, water disappears on, the bottom disappears below. If use what glass develops bubble, administrative levels more see trenchant, in suspension of sesame seed, soya bean, earthnut, parched rice, Chinese prickly ash is in on, benthic of Jing Chen of skin of ginger, turnip, tea, tangerine, among them chrysanthemum valve is like the cloud, or rise or sink, move interesting nature. Tea is sweet wave in the wind, bud pointed get rid of is appeared, white chrysanthemum is glittering and translucent, the find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind of view, the tine of sip is buccal stay sweet, relaxed and happy making a person, floating in the air is like celestial being. This is genuine chrysanthemum scented tea, because of its spice shares 10 model, friend says again " assorted tea " . Zheng Banqiao ever had couplet to say: "Rice of essence of salt of white dark green, tea of chrysanthemum of water of day of made of baked clay crock. " it serves to show this tea is outstanding.  becomes you spring landscape of You Mufu of day spare time, when you passenger of autumn day delay occupies my native place, when collect folk songs of pen of nip of person of coquettish of guest of your Chinese ink, when you postscript hill ford looks for old friend, when you travel-stained passing traveller is hasty, did not forget to search one farmhouse between village way wild way, rest a bit a short while, no matter you are,hereat ground revisit is returned into big hill first, that farmhouse girl can be acted according to surely on sweet tea one cup. This is lot, perhaps receiving that an instant of tea, the honest, enthusiastic there's no one who doesn't or isn't of that farmhouse follows tea sweet 4 excessive, let you be filled with laugh be filled with a tear all one's life to touch. If lodges for the night day and night in the winter farmhouse, you but full the tea way that admires civilian of primitive simplicity. The Bi of dry bavin Bi that breaks off newly pares pare combustion is worn, the spring inside made of baked clay crock clucks, that kind-hearted gammer holds a teacup in both hands, the ceremony gives exalted guest. Place one teapoy special local product again, dry potato piece, egg of horsebean, tea, warm the rice wine of a few cups of new wine, static vessel seeing tea is ripe, hemp of wine word mulberry, qing Denggeng window, set tea to listen to snow to fall, this scene does not make this love how you stay to forget to return repeatedly, does affection think of far and near? Ceng Yinju scented tea, ceng Zunju spends a guest. But go Mo Yan withers, need the day that weigh this world again. Right now meandering of Mu Fushan of turn one's head rises and fall, the cloud is depended on endless.
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