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Peak beans is joined south
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Peak beans is joined south

Common saying says: Join embarrasses treasure. The somebody in northeast hill is joined, have in boundless ocean holothurian, little imagine is in of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes countryside of the peak austral prosperous county, still have ginseng of a kind of beans. It is made with soja, about 3 inches long, colour and lustre is golden, bodily form smooth circle, faint scent is goluptious, contain a lot ofnutrition, it may be said is fed in one precious.

Peak beans ginseng has long history south. Passing in Dou Changliu such a stories: A long time ago, avalokitesvara is big person with Du Kang competence having a competition, who to see can make full use of food crops, make a delicious thing for nether common people. Du Kang gave beautiful wine with rice millet wine, avalokitesvara used soja to make bean curd. Both sides divides victory or defeat hard, the decision arrives between every ask common people judge. They press cloud head, invite a lot of person comment on. The taste that many people say to beautiful wine compares bean curd is good; Only alone peak person says Dou Changna: "Bean curd can make 100 food, one can give 100 appearance taste; And residue from bean after making soya-bean milk can eat, wine broken bits cannot eat, make wine too wasteful commissariat. "What one says during a conversation says Dedukang to be convinced admits defeat and go. Avalokitesvara is very glad, to thanks, person of the peak austral her church goes a kind of form to be like ginseng with bean curd treatment, the food with delicious flavour, in becoming dish of 100 appearance bean curd a best kind, give a name to be joined for the beans. From now on, peak beans is joined south with respect to good name far sow, became traditional product of place.

Peak beans joins the Wu Dou that teems with with place and soya bean to be raw material south, wu Dou can machine a beans 11 jins to join 13 jins; Soya bean juice is good, 11 jins can machine a beans to join 14 jins. The method of treatment is first valve of bean wear beans, divide clear beans case, add leach to build 3-4 hour. Feel distended of fabaceous valve dip is big go up namely grind, add oar of water fine wear, next oar of bubble of irruptive boiled water, use a rod to hit oar " " divide evenly in oar bucket, enter hop-pocket filter broken bits then. The oar juice that filter gives issues boiler to be burned again, the oar juice that burns advances oar barrel again. Join gesso oar " to hit " divide evenly, into bean curd flower, muscle of the make friends on immediately, make friends works into the beans. Cut fabaceous doing broadness to make an appointment with half inches, the beans that grows about two inches more than blast of decoct of boiler issueing oil. What no matter be oil of rape oil, sesame-seed oil, peanut oil, cotton, lardy,use oil all but, but it is with rape oil and sesame-seed oil best. Beans after next boiler, keep flipping through with iron gourd ladle, want special attention right now duration. Fire is big, the oil in boiler can bubble, make beans pop. At this moment, can use edge of boiler of edge of a bowl of cold water to drench slowly, make hot oil falls proper temperature. "Drench water " is absolutely vivid, the experienced worker ability that carries out for years only is accomplished timely and measurable. Beans in oil slowly " of expand " round body, the form ginseng like one Zhi Jincan Can, break with the hand, shape is like a flowery chrysanthemum inside, be exactly like the chrysanthemum rice heart on ginseng cross section. The fabaceous ginseng of such decoct blast can store commonly 3-4 month and flavour is changeless.
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