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Star child Venus inkstone
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Star child Venus inkstone originates in a star child county, it is handicraft of slabstone of a kind of blueness that distribute a page. In Venus contain Yu Shi, yi Yi is glazed, friend name Venus inkstone. Deep of advance acting contented bright inkstone is become from authentic after Dejinxingshi, the abrade composition that write a poem. Yue Fei inspects curiosa to collect. Song Hui an administrative unit in Xizang gets inkstone, assist is " the chief in inkstone " and renown " Venus Song Yan " . Rice Fei is in big calligrapher " inkstone history " medium cloud: Eight washs with watercolors only then  of look of  of Lao an ancient drinking vessel is a bit exhausted thin? of vinegar of red of Jian of Xiang of  of school of dim glow of the setting sun of  of  of  of dredge of barren of Liao of depend on of  of sword of Shi of a short wooden stake of  of  of abundant of delay of   