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China Snow Town promotion national 4A-class tourist scenic spot
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8, the reporter from the Heilongjiang Forest Industry Bureau was informed that a large Hailin Forestry Bureau under the National Forest Park, Xue Xiang tourist scenic areas, tourist attractions of the National Committee on Quality rating assessment, the State Tourism Administration has approved the entering national 4A class tourist scenic spot and became the Heilongjiang Province, 20 one of the national 4A-class tourist scenic spot. It is understood that forestry as one of tourist-oriented towns, large Hailin Forestry Bureau to promote the building of the national 4A level scenic spots, "China Snow Village" for a period of 3 years of the tourism environment and safe environment for the comprehensive rectification of Fire to complete the reception center at the provincial level in China Xue Xiang, Qingyun Yabuli Forestry Farm to Farm Road, Baoshan, Xue Xiang large parking area and other key project construction, Xue Xiang greatly improved reception area and service quality. According to reports, "Chinese Snow Village" average altitude of 1500 meters, the Sea of Japan by the warm air and cold air of Lake Baikal, the longest 7 months of snow, snow thickness up to 2 meters. The snow here has a large snowfall, snow quality is good, high viscosity characteristics, often form a "curtain of snow," "hanging tree" "snow mushrooms" and other exotic beauty, like a fairy tale world, increasingly in recent years by tourists.