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Groove guard of migrant of Po Yang Hu
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Because the geography here awaits a condition to suit migrant live through the winter compatibly,content introduces, accordingly, be in annual at the beginning of Qiu Modong (November) , once upon a time and other places of Russia Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, Korea and Chinese northeast, northwest, fly by tens of thousands migrant, and resident before the mallard that be here, aigret, an affectionate couple spend a winter together, till next year dusk spring (in March) leave gradually. Nowadays, inside groove guard avian already amounted to 200 a variety of, 10 thousand about a hundred, among them precious birds is amounted to 20 a variety of, it is the oldest avian groove guard on the world. Especially delectable is to discover the biggest white crane on contemporary world here group and crane of Bai Zhenhe, hoary head, grey crane, gross amounts to 4000 above, discovered white crane amounts to more than 2600 unexpectedly 1989, 95% what hold sum total of whole world white crane. Accordingly, po Yang Hu is called " white crane world " , "Precious birds is regnal " . Tourist guide word is in 9 rivers city the south, one attracts worldwide attention " precious birds is regnal " -- groove guard of nature of level of state of Po Yang Hu. She is a center with always repairing prefectural Wu Cheng to press down, freely always is repaired, star child, build wait for a county administer the nine inside Po Yang Hu is laky, gross area is 224 square kilometer. Smooth busy season (yuan / person) April - off-season in November (yuan / person) in December - the specification came loose in March passenger group comes loose passenger group 0 0 0 0 does not have information traffic car, medium cling to, taxi

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