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Pleasant Tang lake
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Content introduces 9 rivers ancient city, beautiful in one lake. Star of scene of original name of pleasant Tang lake, later generations is Tang Jiangzhou of recall with deep emotion benevolent rule of Bo of plum of feudal provincial or prefectural governor, incognito Gan Tang. In lake Zhou Shiyu, area more than 1000 mus. Blue waves ripples, toward brightness evening shade, correct cottage inverted image, the scenery is beautiful. Again smoke water booth, Sai Xianqiao waits for reflect of photograph of famous places and historical sites, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person.
Tang Changqing 2 years (the Christian era 822 years) , li Bo crosses lake embankment with benefit traffic, build on the bank when the bridge installs brake regulating taxes, irrigate with benefit. Later generations call this bank Li Gongdi, this bridge is Sai Xianqiao. One bank is cent of pleasant Tang lake two half, say east south lake, pleasant Tang lake is on the west. Show the bridge to be repaired again for 60 time.