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Dragon door hole
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Content introduction is located in below hill of dragon of black of churchyard of Peng lustre county. It is a the scale in the 800 many cave that the whole world already opened is larger. This is the world of a hole, it is a hole the subterranean dragon palace that there are hole and hole coat hole in connecting hole, hole. By crock of Long Gong, jade, mirror hill, exceeding lofty or great, Zhu Lin, celestial being to wait for 8 size cave to comprise really. Be born with outside natural " dragon door " , weigh arch bridge again. Hole body sides with a thing outspread, full-length more than meters 1700. Within sends dragon palace picture, have east palace, on the west palace, hind hall of palace, corridor, the Crystal Palace, strains of music accompanied by drumbeats, celestial being swims the much place such as river of building, underground, its the Crystal Palace, 30 meters tall, long wide be in 60 meters about, pass the office that holds grand ceremony for the Dragon King. Still have chair of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, lady-in-waiting, dragon, Long Ding, senile, dragon pagoda of bell of needle of star, calm Nereus, gold waits whale of flower of curtain of beat, stone, stone, sea, sea lion, chelonian, Hai Sanshou a moment artful scene, 1000 appearance 100 condition. The look unfamiliar outside tourist guide word is natural " dragon door " , weigh arch bridge again. Smooth busy season (yuan / person) in April - off-season in November (yuan / person) in December - the specification came loose in March passenger group comes loose passenger group 0 0 0 0 does not have information traffic car, medium cling to, taxi