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Mother-in-law grave
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Content introduction the Christian era 1136 spring, mother-in-law dies of illness at E Zhou, yue Fei is helped up coffin suitable river and below, bury its to be carried at Shandong of mountain of individual plant of 9 rivers county, grave face northwest, structure of circular vault limestone, 9.1 meters long, 3.2 meters wide, 1.7 meters tall, gravestone is engraved continuously " Song Yuezhong fierce
The grave of king Mrs. Mu Yaotai " . In its 2 kilometers are in side to still have Mrs. Yue Fei on the west the grave of Li, all be labelled provincial key cultural relic protects an unit. In addition, there is stone carving horse beside mother-in-law grave two, tall with each 1.5 meters long, make an appointment with a ton again, still have remains of tomb figure of stone of situation of genuflect of Qin Gui's couple.
Yue Fei of tourist guide word is the Southern Song Dynasty fights golden famous general, yue Jiajun early or late collect is stationed in river city (9 rivers) , E Zhou (Wu Chang) , to guard Changjiang Delta people to spare devastate made golden arms cruel oppression of the people outstanding contribution. Mother-in-law Yao is difficult bright cardinal principles of righteousness, ever pricked to Yue Fei " essence of life faithful dedicate oneself to the service of one's motherland " 4 words, support him to resist foreign aggression, the view of recover Central Plains, be taught example by mother of through the ages of Chinese people homage. Smooth busy season (yuan / person) April - off-season in November (yuan / person) in December - the specification came loose in March passenger group comes loose passenger group 0 0 0 0 does not have message traffic medium cling to, car, taxi