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Waterside in relief building
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ontent introduces Tourist guide word watersides in relief building is located in 9 rivers urban district of the 9 the Yangtse River outside China door bank. Waterside the Yu Tang that the name of in relief building sees the earliest is acting content of Wei Ying of river state feudal provincial or prefectural governor " ascend county to send the children austral Beijing division Zhu Ji and the Huaihe River " in one poem " only then stop always this world is defended, answer lie waterside in relief building " line. Subsequently, sima Baiju is in river city easily " the problem watersides in relief building " in the poem depict the scenery all round it, and make waterside truly the world of a confusion of voices of name of in relief building is capable Yushinai huts " Shui Hu is passed " medium wonderful depict. Smooth busy season (yuan / person) in April - off-season in November (yuan / person) in December - the specification came loose in March passenger group comes loose passenger group 6 0 6 0 does not have message traffic city inside public transportation: 5 road, 12, 23