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Mountain forest big public house (star child)
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Mountain forest big public house is a star child prefectural tourism bureau first the travel characteristic meal of assess recieves an unit, be located in 105 countries exit of highway of the hill austral path and cottage hill annulus is handed in collect place, border beauty spot of peach blossom source and hot spring of day wash one's hair go vacationing village, it is to come cottage hill travel goes sightseeing. External affairs is recieved. Business affairs negotiates the good place that chooses surely.

Hotel environment is elegant, be located in between green hill green water, air is fresh, beautiful fruit waves sweet, send rurality, all around scene is admirable. This hotel runs distinguishing feature of outstanding Shan Ye, with inn hill partridge. Shi Er is highest grade dish. Developed game. Potherb. Wild fruit. Farmhouse earth dish the dish of many 60 high-quality goods such as 4 old series. The hotel deserves to have division of numerous and professional place, use civilian conventional technology. Distinctive square. Handpick burden. Firewood burns boil in a covered pot over a slow fire. The technology such as soup of earthy kitchen cook over a slow fire, let you taste savor folk characteristic. The curiosa cate of wild interesting aroma.

Faculty of mountain forest big public house with enthusiasm considerate. Meticulous in a subtle way is service tenet, in an attempt to is new. Beg special. Beg essence of life to be management target, it is one of service industry of the travel austral cottage hill hill dazzling nova.

Hotel general manager barks mountain forest carries faculty the presence of honored guest of cordial welcome the four seas!

Address: Soak  swims in person chloric

Phone: 0792-2601306 is faxed: 0792-2602878

·Contact: Wang Shanlin
·Address: Star of 9 rivers city child town of prefectural hot spring
·Postcode: 332000
·Phone: 0792-2603888
·Fax: 0792-2603999
·Email: Fpp886@yahoo.com.cn

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