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The dream gives birth to mountain villa (long water)
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Dream of lake of three-bristle cudrania forest gives birth to mountain villa to cross false village is the new hotel that presses SamSung grade level to build at investing by the foreign trader in May 2004, it is combine of area of scene of travel of lake of landscape of north of another name for Jiangxi Province appoints guesthouse, be located in the Zhe Lin with elegant scene dock of unripe hill of Hubei line dream, draw near according to hill water, situation is advantageous, travel communication is easy.

The village that cross a holiday manages an area8000 square metre, have large and free parking lot, business affairs and sheet, double, 3 worlds more than 60, mix available air, 24 hours supply hot water, size assembly room can recieve the conference of 180 people 3 times, set hairdressing to beautify hair, center of recreation, business affairs, style the service facilities such as the KTV yurt dining-room of each different, parlor, washhouse, equipment.

The village that cross a holiday is executed " green, sunshine " home project, collect is capacious, bright, sweet at an organic whole, make you safe the place oneself feeling at the home, it is you go vacationing, recreation, fete, conference, business affairs negotiates and the good place of travel change trains.

We will with " sincere desire serves for guest, everything is guest consider " management concept, cordial manner, brand-new decorate, at any time await respectively your presence.

General manager: Li Hai

The office: 0792, 3060718

Fax: 0792---3060738

Mobile phone: 13755263566 13576212797

Network address: Www.zhelin-lake.com network real name: Lake of three-bristle cudrania forest

Current network address: Lake of three-bristle cudrania forest

Address: Jiangxi province always repairs a county dock of unripe hill of dream of line of Hubei of three-bristle cudrania forest
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