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Shi Zhongshan (lake mouth)
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Shi Zhongshan brief introduction

Shi Zhongshan, strange sound of Chinese through the ages the first hill, be located in Po of lake of the biggest fresh water of the Yangtse River of Chinese the biggest river and China to be handed in in reliefly collect place. Be included world culture landscape by U.N. Educational, the Kuang Lu austral its, north presses down the Yangtse River, moisture of all corners of the country is dichromatic, draw becomes grand and wonderful " short for Weihe River of short for the Jinghe River pursues " . Entire mountain area 90 thousand square metre.

Hill is antediluvian building and tablet, lapidarian bring out the best in each other, mutual reflect, it is a typical Changjiang Delta gardens. What stone kowtows here is phonic, of view exceptionally. Its get on climb a hill, river of be expected to rise is surging, the lake that watch Po is vast, kuang Luxiu of look into the distance from a high place is lubricious, relaxed and happy making a person, stay to forget to return repeatedly. Because here is strange the natural landscape of high and steep and long humanitarian landscape, attracted past dynasties explore will surprise before scholar of numerous man of letters see get the better of, write Wen Fushi, among them of acting Su Dongpo of the Song Dynasty " Shi Zhongshan is written down " it is to circulate more through the ages, renown raise the world. The expert of U.N. Educational calls Shi Zhongshan market view, historic site, gardens at a suit, can weighs the world the first.

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