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Xin Huabin house (lake mouth)
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House of lake mouth new Hua Bin

House of lake mouth new Hua Bin is one gets together accommodation, meal, recreational the service company that is an organic whole, in-house establishment is all ready, round-the-clock 24 hours serve for the client. Hotel is located in big market of 3 lis of highways and Po in relief lake to hand in collect place, environmental grace, large parking lot and supermarket shop. Be apart from 9 scene high speed (lake mouth)1000M, lake mouth is long-distance station100M, shi Zhongshan2000M.

The good figure since guesthouse is long-term, excellent service, reasonable consumption wins the client's reliance, the enterprise is held to " the client is consummate " management tenet, welcomed all sorts of conferences and tourism group successfully, it is the main unit that lake mouth recieves external.

House of lake mouth new Hua Bin is genuine, guest of the world of apiration associate with, expect heartily, welcome the presence of everybody.

Address: Lake mouth county 3 lis of highways building of Xin Huashu inn

Phone: 6321789

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