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9 rivers believe breath guesthouse
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The hotel introduces
Be subordinate to of guesthouse of 9 rivers information belongs to Jiangxi to save telegraphic and industrial limited company. Was awarded guesthouse of SamSung stage travel by national tourism bureau on May 28, 2002, basically run room, meal, the conference is recieved, hall of singing and dancing, the business such as travel. Guesthouse is located in downtown flourishing a sector of an area, exterior vogue is elegant, interior trim is luxurious and do not break easy. Guesthouse designs standard guest room, luxurious cell in all, luxurious apartment in all 69, the establishment of service form a complete set such as center of the dining-room with hall of assembly room of muti_function, size, large parking lot, singing and dancing, disparate style, business affairs, the project is all ready. Guesthouse abides by “ sincere letter to manage, serve the management concept of ” attentively, press government of standard of astral class guesthouse strictly, press operation of standard of astral class guesthouse strictly, the service is normative and sweet, the environment is elegant and comfortable, it is friend of social all circles undertake business affairs activity, recreational the first selection guesthouse that go vacationing.

Practice time: Of short duration did not fill in Hotel address: 9 rivers city delivers route 12 Zip code: Of short duration did not fill in Decide room hot line: 0792-114 4008878114 Railway station distance: 1 kilometer Airport space: 140 kilometers Downtown space: 2 Circumjacent environment: Be located in downtown is flourishing a sector of an area Room amount: 71 Hotel network address: Www.xinxi Hotel.com Hotel room
Price of room type room breakfast bed broadband The 168 between business affairs mark is not had early big bed is free The 128 between costly bid is not had early double bed is free Luxurious cell 168 is not had early big bed is free
Recreational service Service project: The conference serves: Offer wireless online service and assembly room to decorate, business affairs service is offerred type, duplicate, fax, guest room sends eat the service, offer muti_function the service such as recreation of hall of singing and dancing. Meal serves: Recreational project: