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Exorcise dance
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Exorcise dance, cry again " big exorcise " , " jump exorcise " , common says " ghost makes fun of " or " jump funny face " . Its deep results from the totem in antediluvian and clannish society is devotional, development teachs a kind of medium ceremony into primitive witch after, evolve to have the cult of climate and other natural phenomena of a season of fixed purpose and content stage by stage. The folk dance with this kind of long history, have situation of two kinds of performances commonly: By leading role 4 people are performed one kind, performer head mask is like a coronal, wear hide, hand hold Ge Dun, give out in the mouth " exorcise exorcise " sound. Another kind is comprised by 12 people, disguise or mask of an evildoer of his Zhu Fa, hand hold several feet grow Ma Bian, switch makes sound, halloo all sorts of god names that take cacodaemon, beast of prey only, when having dance, each have music to accompany.

Because exorcise dance circulates the area differs, its perform a style also each different, have appearance already variation is complex, the performance is meticulous and rigorous, life breath is grumous, dance appearance is beautiful and moving " article exorcise " genre; Have imposing manner again martial and boundless, the mood is bold and unrestrained and optimistic, rhythm force sacrificing oneself for a just cause is lively, of behavioral powerful " fierce exorcise " genre. This plants the flower of dance of old and traditional exorcise, up to now still popular Yudean, Wu Ning, hall of the arena of the county such as prosperous, hall and bourg cropland head.

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