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Board dragon lantern
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Paper of colour of the bone that use bamboo ties bibcock dragon end, dragon body is comprised by each festive lantern, the candle is burned inside, on section board two every festive lantern, be as long as2 meters, hold by one person. Lamp of one continuous line is comprised by join of about a hundred board lamp. When dance lamp, appropriate makes exquisite before " child mother lamp " lead a way, have after " dragon end strains of music accompanied by drumbeats " accompany, have " megalosaurus roams " , " bibcock is gotten blast " , " stringy boa exuviate " , " wear a flower to hit come back " and " flying dragon is bouncing " wait for behavioral condition. When be like a few Long Xiangju, its circle tuck diveseethe, round straight Qu Shen, match with size cracker, suona horn of gong and drum, have the power and influence of terrific of control the forces of nature greatly.