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Ning Chushan rouses fierce
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V hoe hill beat, say again " the beat that urge worker worker " , " feel uncertain song " . Up to now the countryside terribly such as brook of beach of boat of Wu Ning county, Wen Shang, Na Yue, Dong Lin, 浬 , Yangzhou is popular. It is the traditional skill that folk possesses provincialism alone, also be collective labor in with song add to the fun, drum makes energy of life, a kind of activity that contain amusement is happy to work.

V hoe hill beat appears at collective to dig tea hill more, v hoe the work place such as ground of cultivate of tea-oil tree forest, open up wasteland. One word discharges a few people, get a song by one person drum; Brandish of everybody one side works v hoe, build date to be mixed at the same time, rhythm speed has send, melody is straightforward, one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is high.

V hoe general component is hill drumbeat 3 times: First time relax and slow, 2 turn gradually fast, 3 urgent and nimble. As the rise and fall of drumbeat metre, what the song moves rhythm is rising and falling, but see very flutter v hoe, blast blast " Hu " sound with a clang makes sound.