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Colored lantern dance
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Colored lantern dance, phylum of north of main and popular another name for Jiangxi Province each county, among them prosperous of 9 rivers, luck, Wu Ning, always repair and other places wide for be current. Colored lantern dance of ancient time, perform mostly petition in people when good weather for the crops, golden harvests. Today whenever festival is festival day, people or growing street square, or it is by the side of village head bay, dance removes sundry colored lantern, in order to add festive atmosphere.

9 rivers " dragon lantern " say again " Long Wu " , common saying " play dragon lantern " . Its figure has distinguishing feature each, multi-purpose bamboo, wood, cloth, paper plunge into, the section counts many nearly hundred, little criterion 2, 30, but all be odd number. The person that body internal energy burns candle is called " firedrake " , the person that do not light says " cloth dragon " , " salon " . "Long Wu " cover a region very much, common lift red for skill silken bead, be in two " dragon " between play its make dance. "Dragon " Sui Gongzhu or buckjump, or scroll, or dish case, or alternate, the person that make watch looks not 睱 is received.

9 rivers each county " boat lamp " say again " the boat that collect lotus " . It plunges into one boat with bamboo thin bamboo strip, meng Yicai cloth or colour paper, with green silken cloth states Shui Wen obscures girl double foot. There is boatman rudder old woman outside the boat, boatman pole (paddle) , rudder mother-in-law maintains helm, the hand shakes big cattail leaf fan; 3 people movement is harmonious, downwind and the beach below the beach on imitate, hard and fast wait for movement of sail a boat, the girl in the boat sings all sorts of ditty, match with gong and drum, boatman rudder mother-in-law often episode echoes sb, humorous and comical.