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Star child the river makes fun of on the west
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The river makes fun of on the west the star of popular Yu Ganbei child, heart how, 9 rivers are taken, renown " the play that play tune " . Because indelicacy of river of another name for Jiangxi Province is divided east, on the west two rivers, its on the west fluvial classics star child churchyard, reason renown " the river makes fun of on the west " , common says " star child big play " .

It is early between clear acting Jiaqingnian, on the west fluvial region an each county is active theatrical company playing tune that calls short for xipi and erhuang only, to last years of a dynasty or reign of light-year of clear acting path, be in star child the county established the first " justice with the class " . Formed a kind from now on with the star child for mobile center, it is main sound antrum with one of the two chief types of music in traditional Chinese operas, xipi, miscellaneous the type of drama playing tune with green in relief high pitch and local folk canzonet.

The river makes fun of on the west stylistic much draw materials at historical story, play structure is long, content is great faithful, justice, cheap, filial piety, slang of much dialect of actor's lines spoken parts of a Chinese opera, dress prop is antique also. Existing and traditional a list of plays is made an appointment with 150 a variety of, a lot of countryside still have spare theatrical company, on holidays, she with peculiar charm, get masses reception fully.