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Wu Ning collects tea to make fun of
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Be located in the Wu Ning county of Mu Fushan area, churchyard teems with tea. Because place has popularity of the song that collect tea, formed gradually collect tea little joke, the name is " trigonometry class " , take the place of in Qing Dynasty about Qianlong year, wu Ning collects tea to make fun of to circulate area of part of Hunan, another name for Hubei province, another name for Jiangxi Province, hind the creation via a lot of actor, innovation, formed the Wu Ning that has distinguishing feature alone to collect tea to make fun of gradually; It is a center with the county, say in the upper reaches that repair a river " on the river is sent " , long river says downstream " clique issueing a river " . Former suffer the effect of large type of drama such as play of Chinese drama, Hunan opera, peaceful river, long at acting. Latter suffers Hubei yellow plum, Yangxin to collect tea play to affect, result of side an ensemble of two or more singers.

Wu Ning collects tea play to have size a list of plays more than kinds 150, majority makes fun of for the article of folklore subject matter, also have among them a few fierce makes fun of. The music for voices in a Chinese opera of this play can be divided antrum, florid ornamentation in Chinese opera singing, miscellaneous attune 3 kinds big, they are the organic union of folk music language and folk literature language, music for voices in a Chinese opera is beautiful, straightaway, have full-bodied local flavor.