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9 rivers, why do you call 9 rivers?
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Of 9 rivers say, see the earliest at " a high official in ancient China. Tribute of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty " in " 9 Jiang Kongyan " , " cross 9 Jiang Zhidong hill " wait for account. The antecedents of 9 rivers appellation has two kinds, it is " 9 " the largest number that thinks for archaic Chinese, "9 rivers " means " the place of numerous water assemble " , "9 " it is empty points to; 2 be " think lake Han Jiushui (namely water of water of Jiang Shui of another name for Jiangxi Province, Po, Yu Shui, long water, Gan Shui, Xu, Sichuan water, south water, Peng Shui) enter Peng Li lustre also " , namely the place of assemble of 9 rivers river, "9 " it is solid point to. Classics of shedding of the Yangtse River churchyard of 9 rivers water area, the fluvial assemble that with Po Yang Hu and another name for Jiangxi Province, another name for Hubei province, Anhui 3 provinces abut, all things tends in one direction, the flow of water is vast, river area is vast. 9 rivers " road connects refus of the Five Ridges, situation 3 rivers " , have " 7 provinces are connected thoroughfare " strategic position. Because get,vessels, add products to abound, 9 rivers are large city since ancient times, it is personnel shedding and content shed central city, it is the distribution centre of goods and materials with important middle reaches of the Yangtse River, ever was China " 4 rice city " , " city of 3 big tea " one of.
The world the 3rd, Chinese the biggest river 10 thousand lis of the Yangtse River, originate from Qinghai-Tibet Platean, develop all the way expand, vast and mighty and come, take to 9 rivers, river range is wide, history say to waterside Yang Jiang. Waterside in relief river bank, scene charming and gentle, products is cornucopian, ground of an outstanding personality is clever. On the history, had deduced how much beautiful story: Shu Jiujiang of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty ascends cottage hill, well of billow of ancient bronze mirror of fill baby fortification, fair Jin Gan Tang nods water army, direct Feng Xinglin saves the common people, deep bright kind below the hill austral the beans, lute of feeling of carefree river head, too white 5 often take elegant look, east slope is moonlight explore stone bell... great river east go, billow cleans out wind of through the ages to spread a character.
Po Yang Hu is located in Jiangxi to save north, south bank of middle reaches of the Yangtse River, between 9 rivers and Nanchang. The Yangtse River of its north encompass, hill of Xi Bing cottage, blue waves 10 thousand just, water day is linked together, insignificant does not have time limit. Light of fine day float jumps gold, the boat sends a bird circle in the air; Water of the cloud when rain is boundless and indistinct, wind urgent wave is tall; Morning sunlight the setting sun, spectacular. Suddenly of Tang Dynasty king is in " foreword of Teng Wangge poem " in be written " rainbow sells rain to cease raining or snowing, colour thorough cloud thoroughfares. Fall glow and Gu duck to fly together, autumn water grows a day in all monochromatic. Yu Zhou sings evening, of noisy poor Peng Li bank... " , those who depict is the scenery of Po Yang Hu.
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