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Badge drama
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Original name " badge is moved " , " one of the two chief types of music in traditional Chinese operas is moved " , the name shows surely after 1949. At the beginning of Ming Moqing, badge city antrum and confluence of the green open speech and strum, communication that play tune form this type of drama, ever was rung in fashioning a process by the one fixing of elder brother drama. Its are main accent is blow antrum, tall plectrum and one of the two chief types of music in traditional Chinese operas, also sing xipi, high pitch, melodies which originated in Kunshan. At the beginning of Qing Dynasty, be current is taken at Anhui and Jiang Zhe, qing Qianlong year, "3 celebrate " , " 4 happy event " , " spring stage " , " and spring " class of 4 big badge enters Beijing show early or late, fashionable whole nation. Between Qing Daoguang, salty good year, badge drama is the same as the union of type of drama such as Hubei Chinese drama in Beijing, evolve into Beijing opera gradually. Quiet acting later period, beijing opera is flourishing, badge drama actor changes more learn new pitch, but badge drama divides an area in badge state department popular still. This century 30 time are prime, badge city has badge opera theatrical company to make an appointment with 20. Current, huang Shan still withholds a list of plays of partial badge drama in troupe of city Beijing badge.