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Open speech of lake mouth blueness
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In the lake mouth county of the countryside of Chinese folk art, one reads green open speech so that than oneself life returns old person of serious a cycle of sixty years, his with great concentration is studied, disentomb, 20 one's remaining years are like antrum of rescue Qing Yang one day, make a few become what ring absolutely " strange precious of Chinese opera art " Qing Yang antrum, call the area of noisy Po Yang Hu afresh, the expert of research of green open speech that he is lake mouth county Liu Chunjiang.

1982, the green in relief pitch that Liu Chunjiang made culture investigation discover be lost is long already in go to the countryside, to make Ming Jiajing year (1522 - 1566) of be in fashion for a period " Chi Ya moves badge " continuance comes down, below the support of branch of culture of the county that visit town, liu Chunjiang began Qing Yang antrum collect, disentomb, arrange and study the work. Come for years, his footmark spreads all over the Qing Yang antrum such as Jiangxi, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan to circulate area, the journey is close 25 thousand lis. He looked for many 300 old actor, collect copies a list of plays to hand of green open speech 131, the names of the tunes to which qu are composed 448, sheet is folded play and miscellaneous give play 64, musical data more than 50, transcribe acoustics data many hours 110, film old actor and stage photo of troupe of amateur of green open speech reach of all kinds data more than 1000, types of facial makeup in operas of green open speech 46.

Accompanying countless not the night of Mian, liu Chunjiang exert one's utmost effort 20 one's remaining years, arrange compiled of 150 more than word " Qing Yang antrum takes an examination of Jiangxi " and " music of antrum of Jiangxi Qing Yang " (in all 5) . This is current open speech studies our country blueness history on the monograph with relatively comprehensive whole system.

Good for protection green in relief pitch this one outstanding ethical culture bequest, lake mouth county is striving for will green open speech actively to include project of protection of culture of Chinese nation folk pilot unit, meanwhile, declare " the mankind is oral with immaterial bequest masterpiece " the job also is run in intense ground in, 9 rivers city already dialed support of 100 thousand yuan of special funds to declare " the world somethings lost " .

Now, the lake mouth country of slack season season, by prefectural blueness troupe of open speech major is mixed the show team that amateur troupe of more than 100 folk of rural forms, often perform " 100 round big fight " grand occasion. Green open speech is sung then numerous and, the imposing manner of sodorous infuriation; That gold rouses the enthusiastic atmosphere of cymbal salvo; Antrum of open speech of melodies which originated in Kunshan of that be in harmony, a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it, more than Yao and ditty of lane of green in relief village the antrum of much appearance sound at an organic whole, in the hover between booth stage pavilion, fly upwards in the heart of people, drift gently in vast lake water. (Liang Zhentang Liu promotes Lu Shiyong to become great river net - Jiangxi daily)
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