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Ning He makes fun of
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Peaceful river play is kinds of Jiangxi place is great drama. Repair water county at Jiangxi seminary, have a common boundary of popular Yu Ganbei and Hunan, another name for Hubei province, another name for Jiangxi Province is taken. Administrative division of the old state that it is peace controls the county that repair water, civilian old common respects a god which drivers awake pestilence more, propose a toast every time the god is fulfiling one's promise, dance of exorcise song exorcise be in fashion for a period. Bright there is professional class company namely between Long Qingnian, sing tall tune. Absorb from inside badge drama again at the beginning of Qing Dynasty blow antrum, melodies which originated in Kunshan, absorb leather reed from inside Chinese drama, from appropriate Huang Huzhong is absorbed 2 make. common says " peaceful city the top class in a kindergarten " .


Ning He looks the person that can check has more than 400 kinds dramatically, much department makes this show, those who have open speech of a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it " proof east pass " , " on the west travel notes " etc, those who blow antrum and Kunqu opera " Shikoku is neat " , " big sweet hill " , " 6 countries are sealed " etc, those who come from appropriate yellow antrum " peddle Ma Ji " , " Shuang Guitu " wait and sing xipi " lotus throne hill " , " tea this world closes " etc. The person that past actor is the believe in of a god which drivers awake pestilence more, ganger is exorcise more again advocate, show around wants maneuver to have religious colorific to sing exorcise song, ask a god which drivers awake pestilence and demit god to wait close eye. Because the show basically is for godly, do not have a list of plays of adultery murder and performance commonly. In traditional a list of plays " language is common walk along snow " , " cupreous bridge is crossed " , " quarry Ji " wait for drama, it is a list of plays with other infrequent type of drama.

The performance having a unique style that Ning He makes fun of, be like sometimes need not horsewhip, make Ma Tou with be being placed before boa gown only, horsetail is placed after, racily performance drives the mountain range on the horse declivous reach walk run shape. " Qin Qiong clain merit " dancing figure of Zhong Qinqiong is chic and diversiform, ever cinematize documentary. The dancing figure dignified that Ning He makes fun of is simple and honest, still have the mark of exorcise dance.