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Repair festive lantern of water complete abundant
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Of complete abundant festive lantern act produce call a form, have unripe, dawn, ugly 3. Ugly travel face ticks off bean curd piece, hold thin silk single-handed, help up single-handed, make quiver quiver A Na condition; Unripe belt hat glasses, the picture between forehead with white line, equestrian (Zhu Za wastepaper with characters written or printed on it) raise whip, when as droll as dawn horn, meditate of 3 people measured steps, the edge takes edge show. On field all round stand chief body of 4 6 horn, stick the colored lantern that has flowers pattern, the lamp is planted quite much, have earthen bowl commonly lamp of the lamp, car light, egret, inside plunge into " the monkey jumps circle " , " female immortal is pushed grind " , " eight saints go across the sea " , wait for figure, be on band with white crane lamp again among, indicative and auspicious auspicious, the land yields good harvests and the people enjoy good health. Hair lamp is roused every year since Spring Festival new year's day, stop to Yuanxiao, team of each street lamp, all directions gathers, candle power reaching the sky, the song blows Da Shu. Before lamp class enters a village, send the lamp to stick announcement the other side first, when setting out, the book has " festive lantern of congratulatory XX recreation " card head clear the way, all the way brilliant of a bell-shaped percussion instrument guides bring, the men and women gets together joyous, what cross village door, happy event explode greet send, some moneys illuminate with cake, when upper beam makes room, also ask festive lantern add to the fun.

Festive lantern music looks, all have simple plot. Although be sheet piece, but constitute even field show an old practice. Have outside going out, enter be in business " Nanjing " (include " take money " " 6 months plant a flower " ) ; Have fall in love " do obeisance to New Year " , " the band that make stop " , " the man such as 10 months defloration comes " ; Marriage foreign minister is loved " carry younger sister to drink " , " friendship returns favour " ; Have ties of friendship of husband and wife " persuade a husband " , " city issueing hemp " ; Have the Hua Yinchun that chant " October lotus " > , " 10 months Feng Chunhua " , " 12 months are spent " ) ; Have labor production " 12 months deflower " ; Still have beatific accept auspicious " receive title conferred on the one who came first in the highest imperial examination " , " October be pregnant " etc.

The melody of complete abundant festive lantern, those who sing is " lamp song " , it is structure of only music system mostly. An one eye, melody name namely music eye name, only song is special. Mode with a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, feather be in the majority, take second place of business, horn. Stress keynote upper part particularly 5 class, be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with complete abundant dialect. When the performance, give priority to with percussion instrument, unison of Chinese gong chimes, gong, bongo, cymbals; Close to hold antrum in the palm with Hu Qin, dizi, suona horn in music for voices in a Chinese opera. Language of word of libretto much line, word inserted in a line of verse for balance or euphony, line, almost each appear, ah, , , oh, , hello wait for word inserted in a line of verse for balance or euphony. Its line sentence, be like " lotus " , "Scraper-trough conveyer younger sister " , "Peony is beautiful " wait to rising in melody sentence a join, sentence in patulous, sentence end is additional action. Line word, line sentence antrum of embellish of the attune that it is the lamp affection of music of chromatic apply colours to a drawing, enhanced strong artistic appeal.
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